The David T.K. Wong Prize for Short Fiction

The purpose of this biennial international prize is to promote literary excellence in the form of the short story written in English. Stories must be unpublished and between 2,500 and 6,000 words. Entries must incorporate one or more of International PEN’s ideals as set out in its Charter. Entries should be submitted via the entrant’s local PEN Centre. The closing dates for 2007/8 is end of September 2007. First prize: £7,500. Copies of PEN’s Charter and addresses of PEN Centres can be found on website of International PEN. Details: International PEN, 9-10 Charterhouse Buildings, Goswell Road, London, ECIm 7AT. Tel: 020 7253 4308; fax: 020 7253 5711; email:; website:

2 thoughts on “The David T.K. Wong Prize for Short Fiction

  1. Zimife Uju

    Please how do i become a member of PEN and what does it take to be one? I live in Lagos, Nigeria. Thanks so much.

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