The Irish Arts Council Celebrates 60 years with an Archives Project.

“To mark our 60th anniversary, the Arts Council is publishing stories about the arts using documents from our archive. Beginning with 14 stories from the early years of the Arts Council, (1950s) this site aims to show the intricate connections that existed and continue to exist between the artists, the organisations that supported them, the public they served and engaged with and their relationships with the contemporary arts.”

The Irish PEN  Committee was notified of the Irish Arts Council Project

recently, and wishes to extend our congratulations to the

Irish Arts Council/ an Comhairle Ealaíon on the occasion of their

60th  anniversary.

The archives are grouped into decades for access to minutes, discussions and decisions by the Arts Council,



 “Irish PEN was the recipient of the first ever grant given by the Arts Council. Moreover, the Arts Council has just launched a new site and it includes, with our permission, selected key correspondence. When you go to the site, click on the 1950s tab and then 1952: First Meetings and first grant (£500).”


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