Launch of "Unsweet Dreams" by Anne Le Marquand Hartigan 7th December, IWC.

In Anne Le Marquand Hartigan’s Unsweet Dreams complex ideas explode like thought-bombs in the simple language of everyday talk. The musicality of the poems owes much to the subtle and complex use of rhythm.  Here are poems on a wide variety of topics, and in a wide range of styles. The mood and attitude varies greatly from one poem to another. Tender, loving, blunt, aggressive, witty, seductive, bitchy, sad, philosophical and joyful, the reflections on love, sex and death are articulated in a woman’s voice yet they make a mockery of clichéd notions of gender. This is an important collection by a poet in her prime.

'Unsweet Dreams' by  Anne Le Marquand Hartigan

'Unsweet Dreams' by Anne Le Marquand Hartigan

Unsweet Dreams’ by Anne Le Marquand Hartigan is a new collection of poetry will be launched  next Wednesday 7th December at the Irish Writers’ Centre.

Information about the book is available from the Salmon Website :

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