Dennis O'Driscoll 1954-2012

The Committee and members of Irish PEN were saddened to learn of the untimely death of poet, Dennis O’Driscoll. We include here a link to his biography and website, and a list of his works. Dennis O’Driscoll brought poetry to a contemporary audience with his tremendous poetic voice and unique language.His books have received much deserving acclaim, and it is with great sorrow that we must part so soon with such a fine and accomplished writer. We extend our sympathies to his family, friends and writer-companions, who we note have written of Dennis with much dignity and sorrow. The prevailing descriptions of O’Driscoll are always , ‘a gentleman’, ‘quiet’ , ‘unique’ , ‘dignified’, and ‘accomplished’.

From Dennis O’Driscoll’s website :

“His poetry publications included Kist (Dolmen Press, 1982),Hidden Extras (Anvil Press, London/Dedalus Press, Dublin, 1987)Long Story Short (Anvil Press/Dedalus Press, 1993),Quality Time (Anvil Press, 1997)Weather Permitting(Anvil Press, 1999), which was a Poetry Book Society Recommendation and shortlisted for the Irish Times Poetry Prize 2001, Exemplary Damages(Anvil Press, 2002), Reality Check (Anvil Press, 2007/ Copper Canyon Press, 2008), shortlisted for the Irish Times/Poetry Now Prize, and Dear Life (Anvil Press, 2012; Copper Canyon Press, 2013).  His New and Selected Poems (Anvil Press, 2004) was a Poetry Book Society Special Commendation.  His three chapbooks are The Bottom Line (Dedalus Editions, 1994), 50 O’Clock (Happy Dragons Press, UK, 2005) and All the Living (Traffic Street Press, Minnesota, 2008). “

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